Friday, 28 April 2017

Trevelyan's Mainframe - FILE: Anniversary, GoldenEye 007 / Twenty Years Removed

That is correct, friend! Trevelyan’s Mainframe is back from the dead, no longer just a disappeared feature on the main page of The GoldenEye Dossier. Reports of my death from the desks of the opposition were greatly exaggerated. Janus is alive and well and has been operating in the shadows for the last calendar year. The year 2016 might have been a year of great loss, but it was unable to claim this mainframe or the mind behind it! With no further interruptions and our databases primed and loaded, let us proceed. Just in time for the twentieth anniversary for the game rendition of GOLDENEYE for the NINTENDO 64 console? How apropos, no?

Monday, 24 April 2017

The GoldenEye Generation - Introduction and Part One

Welcome to this new section in The GoldenEye Dossier. Through the last five decades that had James Bond as part of the popular culture and entertainment, the 007 fandom has made great achievements such as movie rescreenings, anniversary events, wrote novels and books, held TV interviews and published long lasting fanzines.

Sunday, 23 April 2017

GoldenEra: The Story Behind GoldenEye 007

Australian-based company Rollercoaster Films is working on a documentary telling the story behind GOLDENEYE 007, the Nintendo 64 classic based on the 1995 film, celebrating its two decades in August.